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My name is Jaylen Blash and i've been playing in the orchestra for about 4 years now.
when I started as a rookie because of my shocking hight and big fingers I was chosen to play the bass which wasn't exactly ideal for what I wanted to play (the viola) but it was like the instrument chose me. The low tones and deep rich sound the instrument makes is beautiful. I've played in multiple concerts with many different amazing players with varying ages and while this is cool it isn't the only thing I do.
In addition to the orchestra performances I have debued in, I have also sang as a member of the singing brothers of stilwell. An organization that travels and does preformances as a part of the stilwell fine arts program. during the 2021-2022 school year we had multiple performances at a variaity of different places but most notability was when we attended the American Coral Director Associtation (ACDA for short) which got us national recognition and set the standards even higher